Vaxiion Therapeutics, Inc. is a San Diego-based biotechnology company dedicated to becoming the industry leader in targeted oncology therapeutics.  The company is continuing development of a closely related pair of proprietary first-in-class nanodelivery platforms offering distinct competitive advantages for targeted delivery in cancer. Vaxiion’s targeted nanodelivery platforms are based on genetically engineered, non-living bacterial minicells that are capable of packaging, targeting, and delivering a wide array of therapeutically relevant molecules (including protein toxins, small molecule drugs, RNAi, plasmids, peptides, and imaging agents) directly to cancer cells.  The key differentiating feature of Vaxiion’s platforms versus most other targeted nanodelivery platforms or antibody-drug conjugates in development is the unique ability to promote endosomal escape, thereby resulting in better efficacy of the therapeutic payload.

Presently, Vaxiion’s core focus is the development of its targeted TNT™ platforms to generate products for various oncology indications.   We are conducting both in vitro and in vivo experiments with two classes of targeted TNT™ products, and plan to file a U.S. Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the FDA on at least one of these product candidates in the near future.

Vaxiion maintains a strong intellectual property position on the minicell nanodelivery platform with several issued and pending patents.  


"Intelligent design of targeted delivery products"

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